General Contracting

As a General Contractor, SCP Solar & Green Construction utilizes as many Green Building  techniques as possible. No matter what the project is, we are responsible for the entire project from the beginning to the end, and warranting it afterwards. Turning your project into a Green project is not that difficult, but you, our client has to be able to understand and be comfortable with it. The key to that is clear and constant communication between everyone involved and making sure you understand everything.

If you would rather have a more stand off approach, that can be done also.

Simple examples of building Green would be changing the windows of a new home to high efficiency windows. The windows will cost more, however, with a tax credit and the energy savings factored in, the windows are almost always going to end up costing less. Or another example is for a 2000 square foot redwood deck project, changing the decking to a composite which will cost about the same, look just as nice, require far less maintenance, last much longer, and save an endangered native tree.

A Green building project that is becoming more popular with existing homes and businesses is making it more energy efficient. That is, if you like your current home or business but want it to cost less to operate, we can help with that as well.

Building green is simple, the right thing to do for the environment, and extremely cost effective once you set your mind to it.

Keep in mind, Green Building is what our company tries to do and in most cases is able to do. For some of our smaller projects that may not be possible. But we still try!

Let us know how our family can build Green for yours: Contact Us today!