Thermal and Wind

SCP Solar & Green Construction also takes care of your Solar (Thermal) Hot Water and Solar Powered Wind Turbine (Wind Generator) needs.

Solar Hot Water systems as well as solar-powered wind turbines can typically be your least expensive way to get in to the solar power world.

Solar hot water systems can typically be installed anywhere a photovoltaic system can be installed and they usually take up much less area. Virtually any home or business can benefit from a Solar Hot Water System. It can be used to heat a pool also. But these systems are not the ones you’ve seen rotting on someone’s roof after five years. SCP Solar & Green Construction exclusively uses Heliodyne Equipment simply because of Heliodynes commitment to a quality product. Properly maintained, these Solar Hot Water systems will last over 20 years. And if the family or business gets bigger, these systems are expandable.

On the Solar Powered Wind Turbine side of things, the Windmills of old have turned into sleek engineered virtual pieces of art. Solar Powered Wind Generators are typically broken into two types; vertical or horizontal axis. SCP Solar & Green Construction uses the vertical axis Windspire by Mariah Power. We use the Windspire  because of it’s sleek look, low noise level, bird friendly design, and engineering that make it possible to be installed at almost any home or business that has the wind resources. These can even be installed in downtown areas were the city architecture has created a wind tunnel.

The Sun  and wind provide us with all the energy we need, let us know if we can help you grab your share of it.

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